Installation failed

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Getting the Installation failed QR code
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Installation fails after setting the desired configuration setup vis-a-vis partitions for '/', '/home' ... on a Uefi system.

QR Code is fantastic for problem reporting for a 'Normal User', alongside the QR code a text error message will help troubleshoot the problem through the help of 'Deepin Community as well as your support staff on deepin forums for power users/advanced users. Please note this will greatly reduce the burden on your error reporting setup.

3. Problem reproduce frequency
Encountered the problem ... disabled the 'Secure Boot' option in BIOS settings and retried installation ... Failed again with 'Secure Boot' disabled.

Enclosing the photo of the QR code.

PS : Deepin is a fantastic experience of whatever little i was able to. Linux needed one such attempt at redesigning the UI at a 'deep' level the way 'Deep In' has been attempting to and has been greatly successful at it ... Need a little more smooothing around the edges.

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