Problems with bluetooth

Hello! My name is André Rocha and I have been a Linux user Deepin for some time, because of this, I have been experiencing problems with the Deepin bluetooth system, I use a laptop with an AMD processor and all the system molded for x64 architecture, so I have been feeling huge Difficulties in setting up the pairing between my devices and the laptop with Deepin, so what should I do to make bluetooth work?
The bluetooth system of my wireless card is bluetooth 4.0 according to the own system of scanning via terminal.

I need a lot to use bluetooth but the way it is gets complicated, productivity is almost none and having to log in windows for something simple is very bad and frustrating.

Please! Can you help me solve this problem? I already installed several packages for that purpose but time installs and it seems to be all right, when it comes time to use the feature the pairing does not work by opening notification windows saying that the connection has been terminated.

Please! help me

Great hug and all the best!
Operating system :deepin
Desktop environment :dde
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