Difficulties in managing files

Good Morning! I'm having the pleasure of using this great operating system which is Deepin. It turns out that I have 3 hard drives (HD) being one with windows 10, one with Deepin and another for storing files. When I am using Deepin and I enter the hard disk of file storage, the folders are with a padlock and I can not delete or create a folder because of this padlock. I have already tried to change the permissions through the DEEPIN FILE MANAGER, but nothing happens. The locks are still there. I've already installed NAUTILUS, but when it starts to change the permissions it hangs. I've also tried to change the permissions on Windows OS and when I do this the locks momentarily disappear, but when I turn off the desktop the locks come back. I've tried everything. I would very much like you to find a solution to this. Sincerely, Flávio Pavam - Campo Limpo Paulista - SP - Brazil

Operating system :deepin
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