Cannot open access to console, the root account is locked.

Since a couple of days ago this message shows in every single boot, most of the times System won't boot. No matter what boot option(from the given ones) I chose, system won't boot. Pressing 'Enter' just repeats the message and will eventually cause system halt until I manually reboot. I cannot type any other input or command from there.
With some patience and reboots, system will randomly boot after a couple of 'Enter' and work 'normally'.
I'm running DeepIn 15.11 x64 with recently(today) applied updates on a Dell Inspiron 3400 with 8th Gen Intel i5. System is installed on an WD Green M.2 SSD.
Any other info I'll be happy to provide once the system randomly boots.

PS: Only change since the first boot with this problem is an USB Wireless mouse that I connected before system boot. Mouse was previosly used on the notebook, but always connected after system boot.

3. Problem reproduce frequency
Every boot ever since first time. I'd upload a dd dump of my root partition if needed.
Operating system :deepin
Desktop environment :dde

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