It was not fixed or blurred screen problems!

1. Problem/Advice description
Blurred screen failure for users of the Intel integrated video card, has only been corrected to language American English. When using another language the bar becomes more transparent and presents the bug, when language American English the bar and panel becomes more frosted and bug does not happen.

Image of the bug using any language;

Image without bug using language American English;

2. How to reproduce the problem
When using a language other than American English.

3. Problem reproduce frequency

4; System use
Deepin 15.02 RC 2
Operating system :deepin
Desktop environment :dde

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Attached image

Using any language other than American English shows bug when centering window right or left, it only works if you maximize

Using any language other than English American, bug in Deepin Scream Recorder when recording in MP4 the recording gets slow, and GIF the image is blurred.
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