15.9 desktop: texlive-math-extra can't install

In Deepin (desktop distro) 15.9, I have tried to install texlive-math-extra, but I can't. Trying to install it through the Store GUI repeatedly failed, so I tried doing it on the command line with apt. As the attachment shows, apt(itude) complains that several texlive package I have installed (and use) have unmet dependencies, and in aptitude's case, its only solution is to abort installing math-extra.
This is a pretty new installation of Deepin, unmarred by long-standing installed packages or customization. I don't have the resources right now to try to reproduce this with a clean install, but I believe the problem can be reproduced simply by trying to install texlive-base, texlive-science, and texlive-math-extra simultaneously (or trying to install the first two, then math-extra afterwards).

Thank you for your time.
Operating system :deepin
Desktop environment :dde
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